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The milestone HR consult
Human Resources

We are the leading providers of human care Mahad Manpower Kenya. We can do to make your life easier with train adviser. An professional are caring and expert employees best training provides with functions.


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Our Strategy

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How We Started Mahad Manpower Kenya

Mahad Kenya Start
Mahad Kenya Start 2010

Company start up

Mahad Manpower was established in Qatar in 2010 to provide staffing solutions to various industries in the country.

Growth Mahad Kenya
Growth Mahad Kenya 2014

Company is growing

Over the years, the agency grew its operations and expanded its services to include recruitment, executive search, and payroll management.

Growing mahad kenya branch
Growing mahad kenya branch 2022

We Established in Kenya

In 2022, Mahad Manpower opened a new branch in Kenya to extend its services to the African market and provide job opportunities to the local population.

mahad Kenya Growing to its full extent
mahad Kenya Growing to its full extent 2023

Among top 100 in future 500

Today, Mahad Manpower is a leading recruitment agency in both Qatar and Kenya, with a reputation for providing reliable and efficient staffing solutions to its clients.

Our History